3 de jun de 2013


3 de jun de 2013 0

"THIS IS MY COURT" Uma composição poética à cultura do streetball, narrado por Michael Kenneth Williams.

This royal court of kings, this blood-stained ground, 
This city cauldron, this throne of Mars,
This street sanctuary, and combat zone,
A fortress, inside a citadel, raised to stand,
Against adversaries, jesters, pretenders,
Against true players and those who merely come, to play.
This fighting pack, this world all its own,
This game of hours, dark nights, threatening dawns,
Which serves as refuge, home and shelter,
Or as a rampart defensive to the squall.
Against the tyranny of outcasts and outsiders -
This arena.
This battleground.
This square of dirt.
Give me my robe, put on my crown,
I have eternal longings to be king.
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